Monday, April 15, 2013

Doctor Mad Science

This post is for all kids and all of us who still feel like kids.

Meet Jordan Hilkowitz , an 11 year old boy living in Richmond Hill, just north of Toronto, who has an avid interest in science and science experiments. With the help of Tracy Leparulo, 23, a Ryerson marketing student and his babysitter since he was 4, Jordan has been able to put his many kitchen table experiments on a YouTube channel so that kids around the world can try them out in their own homes. I should mention that besides Tracy, Jordan's mom, Stacey, and several other key people in Jordan's science life help to make it all possible and they are mentioned here.

What fun: dissolve metal, squeeze eggs, expand balloons and make slime: 22 experiments, using simple ingredients, so far, with more to come. All are demonstrated expertly by Jordan, sporting his safety glasses and unafraid to make a mess.

Here's his experiment on making foam:

Just in case you are annoyed by YouTube ads, keep in mind that the ads (and the more than four million views) have enabled Jordan raise more than $5000 to put towards buying a new computer.

Oh...and by the way? Jordan is autistic. He couldn't speak until he was 5 and these videos have been instrumental in improving his language, organizational and social skills, to say nothing about his confidence.

Jordan and Tracy are planning to make a Doctor Mad Science pitch soon at the CBC's Dragon's Den where budding entrepreneurs can propose their ideas to sometimes ruthless venture capitalists. Wish them luck!