Friday, April 5, 2013

Track Your Pet

Ever wonder where your dog or cat goes when (s)he's outside without you?

David Evans, in the UK, was wondering why his cat was getting fat in spite of the fact that he wasn't eating what was in his dish at home. So he devised, with the help of a friend, a lightweight (15 grams) GPS tracking device that he attached to Yollo's collar and soon discovered that Yollo was making the rounds and likely getting fed in a number of places.

Now there is a great deal of interest from Evans' friends and from people around the world in the pet-tracking GPS device, G-Paw ($75) which Evans has put into production.

Here's Yollo with his collar and G-Paw (it just slides on) plus the tracking of his morning route.

The device plugs into a computer for downloading data and there are plans afoot for a social network to be ready sometime in the summer.