Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 4: Inverarnan to Tyndrum

I started off at 8:30 on a grey morning, but the sun soon came out, I was in t-shirt and shorts and happy to be on the road again.

The views opened up today as the trail followed the River Falloch for a ways.
The trail went under the railroad through a sheep creep, so low, some taller backpackers have to remove their pack to get through....
...then under the  modern day A82, the main road between Glasgow and Fort William.
I finally saw a Highland cow.
The views were stunning - near....
....and far
Which way?
Eventually when the Way entered a forest it felt good to walk in shade for awhile.
There was a pretty bridge.
I passed St. Fillian`s Priory, dating from the 13th century
and an even older graveyard, dating back to the 8th century.
Finally arrived in Tyndrum, a little weary from 4 days of walking and ready for a rest.
Another comfortable room.
with a handy sunny window ledge to dry my boots out.
By this time, my feet were starting to tell me they didn`t much like wet boots and rocks underfoot. The baby toe on the left foot needed an application of Second Skin. One toenail on each foot was looking suspicious, but neither was sore.
I skipped dinner tonight and just had an energy bar, some trail mix and some prunes and went to bed early. Unfortunately my room was right above the patio on a warm night. Then at 4:45 am a large transport truck parked across the street. Another truck backed up to it so they were end-to-end and they started transferring heavy metal objects from one to the other with great clangs, bangs, metallic rollings and a few crashes to boot. Fortunately I don't have to walk tomorrow.
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