Friday, May 3, 2013

Joseph Wheelwright, Artist and Sculptor

My friend Joan brought this artist to my attention when she told me about the visit she had to the Katonah Museum of Art in April to view the quilt display there. At the same time she admired some tree sculptures by Joseph Wheelwright, so I had to look him up and I was immediately captivated by his work and by his thoughtful gentle manner as well.

Here's a tour of his studio in Boston:


At just over 8½ minutes, this first video might be a tad long for a busy person to watch. Here's a shorter one of the tree sculptures at the Katonah Museum of Art.


Joseph Wheelwright's website is very interesting, with lots of photos of his works in various media - stone, bronze and wood, in addition to the trees. Besides holding exhibitions, he does commissioned work and his pieces are installed in  many public places to inspire, calm and enrich our lives.

Thanks, Joan, for bringing him to my attention.