Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 6: Tyndrum to Inveroran

Here I am, ready to walk again. All the stretching I did yesterday paid off - I felt pretty good this morning. The day started out sunny and bright but with a stiff breeze, so I'm bundled up. A short 14k walk today.

Many of the walkers leaving Tyndrum today are walking all the way to Kingshouse, so they left early, before breakfast.
Once I climbed up out of Tyndrum more into the open that stiff breeze became a strong buffeting wind. My eyes watered and my nose dripped.
The path was along old military roads with easy gradients. I passed a few people doing some "wild camping" (i.e. not in established campsites) and took this picture of one of them in a nice sheltered spot..(sorry it's hard to see - I didn't feel right taking a picture when I was closer - an invasion of their privacy)
The Way goes past these 2 mountains, first Beinn Odhar and then the pyramid-shaped Beinn Dorain.
Beinn Dorain is a Munro, a mountain with an elevation exceeding 3000 ft.
This is what the trail looks like, leading down to a sheep creep under the railway. Rocky underfoot.
Getting closer to Beinn Dorain.
This is what it looks like from the side.
Reached Bridge of Orchy in time for an early lunch. Only 4k from here to Inveroran.
Passed by Loch Tulla

Eventually spotted Inveroran Hotel in the distance.
and reached it about 45 min. later. Inveroran Hotel is a small 8-bedroom Inn dating from 1708 when it was a thatch-roofed drovers' inn. It's the only thing around. Inside there is a bar, a coffee shop and a dining room, but each of these is very small.
I was way too early for check-in, so I went to the bar
grabbed a glass of wine and sat in the sun with my Kobo reading The Night Circus for a couple hours.
Also talked to other walkers and watched the deer. The kitchen staff feed the deer vegetable peelings, so they are quite tame. They were intent on sharing this man's lunch.
Travelite, the luggage transfer company I'm using arrived with the bags. Mine was first off.
Eventually I checked into a ground floor room (right next to the kitchen) and hit the shower.
Then I made some tea, turned that chair around to face the window and sat watching the changeable weather, fog and rain, with sunshine in between, rolling in and out over Loch Tulla. The birds were very busy at the feeder. All the while delicious aromas were wafting from the kitchen. This is the view from the window.
At last it was dinner-time and I enjoyed some delicious homemade tomato basil soup and poached salmon with a lime cream sauce.
All in all, this was a very easy day, almost like a second rest day.
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