Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Your Adrenal Glands

A team from the University of Toronto, including a PhD student and two U of T alumni have created a video as part of a challenge by Scientific American and guess what!! won!

The contestants were instructed to create a two-minute video explaining a body part or process in a fun and engaging way using common household items, such as string, rubber bands and paper clips. The U of T team, Dorea Reeser (MSc 2009), Raluca Ellis (PhD 2011) and Nogel Morton (BA 2011 VIC) chose to feature the adrenal glands which help regulate the body's response to stress.

The judges were impressed with the educational value, clarity and polished quality of the video as well as the team's humour and use of the required props.

There was no cash prize for winning the competition, but Reeser said that the judges' encouraging comments were wonderfully motivating and rewarding.

There's a lot of information crammed into these two minutes.