Thursday, February 5, 2015


Those Who Slide Down Must Also Climb Up

Where do you love to go tobogganing? Click on the editable map below and mark your spot.

This winter tobogganing and sledding, favourite Canadian wintertime activities, have hit the news headlines. In many towns and cities across Ontario sledding and tobogganing have been banned and so has skating on local ponds, The reason? Fear. Not fear of going downhill, but the fear of municipalities to incur the risk of an insurance claim in the event of an accident.

Nobody wants injuries when there should be fun. But it seems that a few people have spoiled it for the many. What to do?

Google to the rescue! The other day they came out with The Great Canadian Tobogganing Map.
Just zoom into your area and bob(sled)'s your uncle!

(I'm sorry, I had to delete this map because it was causing all sorts of nasty problems, but you can probably find it here: Great Canadian Tobogganing Map

If, like me, your tobogganing days are mostly over, here's a video of a North Bay luge run to enjoy:

And if you're still with me, here's Rick Mercer's take on the tobogganing ban fiasco.

Finally, this is the 500th post since I started this blog in March 2011. Yay!